Mat Pilates

Our mat classes are available daily and they are never the same. Each session has its unique flavor. Whether yoga infused or gymnastics based, balance workout, athletic conditioning, small props, classes focus mainly on strengthening the muscles of the hips, back, abdominals, and gluts.

TRX suspension training

A unique way to use one's body weight as a workout tool! Designed by a Navy Seal, TRX is a great tool to incorporate some strength and cardio training to your mat pilates workout.

Reformer Pilates

If you have never tried this revolutionary piece of equipment, it's about time! Designed by Joseph Pilates for rehabilitation purposes, the reformer machine has been adapted to the newest anatomical studies and provides the safest total body workout. With more that 100 exercises and virtually unlimited modifications, the workout on the reformer is never boring and it never ceases to surprise and challenge every participant.

MVe Chair and Reformer

This is one of the newest development of the fitness industry, it combines group classes to Pilates workout on equipment. Developed around music and choreography, this workout is fun and simple and it brings the best out of the Reformer or Chair group workout adding to it flow and the beat for an always amusing experience.


You'll simply never get bored of it! Always a different choice of music and a different road profile, each ride will spin off your extra calories as well as your daily stress!


An amazing 2 hour session, a combination of a spinning hour and a pilates reformer hour for the ones who like to make the best during the weekend. Every saturday morning. Previous Pilates Reformer experience required.


With the need of getting our workout done the best possible way and always keep it fun and motivating, we decided to introduce new fusion classes, they are two 30minutes workouts combined together for a fun hour that puts together our favorite choices. Our fusions can range from half hour spinning class combined with an hour of core work, or half hour of equipment like MVe Reformer or Chair (available soon) with a half hour of toning or stretching. Those classes vary on our schedule continuously and are the results of our continuous effort in educating ourselves with the latest fitness news in the industry.


Born from a broken medical ball, the Ugi ball is a unique prop that will make your workout always different and fun. A mix of cardio, strength, balance, it can be adapted to any workout and program.