With so many different exercise options available, it could often be difficult to find one that’s effective, fun, and not too hard for beginners. Spinning® is a perfect option. Developed by Jonathan Goldberg, Johnny G, in 1987, Spinning® is an indoor cycling program that simulates an actual outdoor ride. It involves riding a stationary bike in various seated or standing positions while increasing or decreasing the resistance level, as well as speed, in order to create a brisk workout session. One of the many benefits of Spinning® is enhanced endurance or body stamina, as well as that it burns fat and calories rapidly. Did you know that spending half an hour on a Spinning® bike can easily burn off up to 500 calories? Although levels of difficulty may vary during spinning classes, one will always benefit from a workout.

Spinning® classes take you on a journey, as though you were on a real road. From flat roads and climbing hills to playing with resistance and cadence, Spinning® instructors make sure to keep you entertained and pumped with adrenaline throughout the whole class.

There are five core movements in Spinning®: Seated flat, standing flat (also known as running), jumps, seated climb, and standing climb.